How to Choose the Right Virtual Office Space

Many professionals such as lawyers, doctors and architects start their practice using a virtual office space. A virtual office is basically a physical location which provides different amenities like mail forwarding and address, several hours of conference or office space as well as a receptionist or answering service. For example, this site offers virtual offices in London.

If you are new in this field and you’re currently trying to manage with limited resource or you’d prefer to work while enjoying the comforts of your own home, then the virtual space certainly provides the most excellent offer. It’s an affordable spot where you can easily meet your customers and at the same time, maintain the privacy at home.

Virtual offices, nowadays provides more alternatives, including the use of a co-working space or the virtual office’s more down to earth partner. There are several law firms and physician virtual spaces with an extra space that is offers virtual office works to generate additional income.

If you have already decided to begin your professional career using a virtual space, then it’s important that you are aware of several tips on how to start the same. Here are several considerations from experienced online marketers:

Compare Costs

Cost plays a very significant part when it comes to determining certain factors that can affect the decision of whether or not to lease the virtual office. Of course, you cannot altogether assume that using a virtual office is, at all times, the cheapest alternative. Studies show that several high end virtual spaces are being offered for several hundred dollars per month while in other parts of the country; there is not much of a difference between a full time location and a virtual office space except the cost.

london based virtual office

Conversely, a virtual office generally offers more flexibility compared to a full time space that often comes with a 1 year lease or even longer. Moreover, some of the more reasonably priced office space may no longer be very striking so if you will be working with high end customers, you may better off start with a high-class virtual space than a low-rent permanent office.

You will also need to set what the virtual office’s base rate includes. In the absence of a conference or office room time, you have to pay $60/head each time you’d be using a space. This will make the costs add up in an instant and this will diminish the benefits.


How to Deal with Bad Website Design & Navigation

Do away from bad navigation. Navigation within a web site has to remain seamless. Web users should be capable of finding their way through your page. Even though there’s no standard when it comes to navigation within a web site, particularly now when more new web development updates or upgrades emerge, it’s imperative for you to understand which navigation must be consistent and intuitive.

Texts that are used for navigation purposes should be concise. Remember that visual metaphors shouldn’t be re-invented. Consequently, if you’re going to utilize hyperlinks, it should stand out. Dead links have no place on your web page. This will increase user confusion apart from being a total waste of your valuable time. Another thing that’s considered worse is having links on a homepage that connects to the same homepage.


1. You can make navigation smoother by making use of textual descriptions for every links that you have on your page. Next, provide alt text for your images. For Javascript or Flash links, it’s best to use an alternative text description strategy.

2. Structure and organize your navigation. See to it your navigation should be connected with your web site’s theme. Differentiate between personal web sites from business web sites. A personal web site can definitely afford to be creative but accessible. On the other hand, a business web site would require more clarity and efficiency. Take note that if the users cannot find what they really want in not more than 3 clicks, they’ll immediately leave your site. Check out this site- web development bristol, to prevent that happening.

Check our wikipedia for more info on web design

Inconsistent Interface Design

Being excessively creative can be just that. Several web design teams take it to the next level by simply creating web sites with varied designs for each page within the site. Apart from being confusing to users, doing this can be utterly annoying. Remember that no matter how attractive and outstanding your web site is, if its overall feel and appearance isn’t consistent, the web users can’t possibly relate to it. It would even feel less in terms of control; hence, your web guests would leave as soon as they arrive.


1. Make use of a standard and consistent template for each page coupled with links to the major sections of your web site.

2. The key here is simplicity. Create designs that are aesthetically simple so your web users will not get confused whenever they enter your web site.


Highly Relevant Internet Marketing Lessons: Learn from the Expert

The fact is very obvious that among the most important people of today’s generation is the late Steve Jobs. Suffice to say, because of his brilliant mind, Apple has become what it is right now. This amazing man carried out a unique approach in every aspect he tackled. Thus, entrepreneurs, particularly the internet marketers should learn from his modus operandi, personality, everything that has something to do with Steve Jobs.

It is not only the Apple fanatics, or the technology geeks who should learn from him, anyone can learn from him. Below are some of Steve Jobs’ very essential internet marketing lessons. Those who are planning to dominate the World Wide Web must check these facts. Learn from one of the greatest and brilliant men the world had.

Important online marketing lessons that should be considered:

Focus on one thing at a time (Avoid Confusion)

Going back to the year 1997, couple of months before Steve Jobs rejoined the Apple Company, he said that the primary reason behind the inability of Apple to attain real success was the fact that the company, as well as its creative team are focusing on a myriad of aspects, all at the same time.

According to Steve Jobs, among the keys in order for internet marketing to succeed is to focus on one thing at a time. Thus, internet marketers should initially speculate what they think may leverage their business niche, and focus to that matter only. Set aside first the other “may-seem-useful” techniques. Each company is unique, thus, not all techniques may work for all kinds of companies.

1 Picture is Useful than thousands of Words

Steve Jobs was very aware of this key element, which is why he enacted Apple to use only few pictures, less words, yet very enticing, in their ads. Try to search for Apple advertisements, whether print media that were introduced in the late 1980’s, or its ad campaigns about electronic media. Apple indeed used few words, and focused more on pictures and videos.

What’s the point? It is due to the fact that photos or images can have a stronger impact on target audience, and these don’t stress out viewers. Internet marketers can maximize their marketing efforts by using video marketing, infographics, and other techniques that involve photos and videos. After all, photos and videos can go viral within a short amount of time, and viewers can ingest them easily.

Some of the Most Important Steps to take when SEO-Optimizing Blog Articles

Essentially, SEO copywriting pertains to writing copy that reverberates with the users, encouraging them to link to and share the content, and then be encouraged to make an action. The following information will explore the elements that can contribute in making an excellently SEO-optimized online copy.

But first, check out this video.

Now, on to the tips…

Website Owners should conduct Keyword Research

In order to simplify this task, website users can utilize keyword research tools, in order to have:

  1. Low competition
  2. An excellent amount of the search volume

There are several paid and free keyword research tools in the World Wide Web today, but the Google AdWords Keyword Tool is considered to be the best, the most helpful. The own keyword research tool of Google will let website owners find keywords which have low competition, medium or high competition, and global and local search volume.

Write Content for Skimmers

There are a lot of online readers who just like to skim, meaning, they don’t read the content entirely. In majority of cases, that is how most web users typically consume web-based content. Thus, when one is writing a copy, the author should first make an outline of his points, so that the future readers can scan through it easily, yet they’ll still be able to get the point of the content.

Make a Killer Headline

After outlining the article, the author have to create a magnetic, enticing headline. An enticing headline is something that attracts retweets, links, as well as social shares. Some of the most enticing and magnetic content headlines are:

  1. “How to”
  2. Number headlines, for instance, Top 10 Methods to…
  3. One-Stop-Shop Headlines, for example, a Magnificent Guide to…
  4. Guidelines for Beginners, like 10 steps to…
  5. Myth buster Headlines, for instance, Top 10 Myths About…
  6. Shocking Claim or Bold Headlines, for example, 7 Things Locksmiths Won’t Tell their Consumers

It is important for the blog article makers to include the keyword to the headline that is typically tagged with H1 tag.- which is something that seo bristol provides.

Blog Article Makers should Include Sub Headlines

Sub headlines or sub headers typically show after the primary headline and prior to the copy’s major section. The sub headlines summarize the copy’s relevant points.

Underline, Highlight, Bold and Italicize

When the key point is highlighted, bolded, italicized and underlined, the author is able to emphasize the primary points. Thus, the readers can readily see the fine points that the entire article wish to convey.

For more advice, check out this guide-


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Google AdWords Tips for Online Marketers

Know how Google ads show up on a desktop and on a mobile phone. On desktops or laptops, Google ads may come in 10s, 7 on the side bars and 3 at the top portion of the page. On the other hand, there’s only 5 ads that will be shown when you’re using a mobile phone, 3 on the bottom and 2 at the top. In this line, it’s much more significant that you get your site in the first top two spots. This is to ensure that many users will be able to view your ads.

Google AdWords remains to be a great tool that can assist you in dipping your toes in the realm of Google advertising. Many startup companies have tried competing in this field, but they’ve only backed out because they failed to notice the importance of using Google AdWords. Hence, if you’re planning to join the long line of ecommerce enthusiasts, the first thing that you have to consider is enforcing the right marketing tactics that will drive sales and grow your business.

Low cost on your marketing activities. Startup businesses may start with as much as $5, yet the effect of using Google AdWords is tremendous. You’ll be able to reach millions of people who are still searching for your goods or services on Google. Always remember that when you’re using Google AdWords, you’ll only be paying whenever a user would click on your advertisement. It’s a good thing that there are several Google AdWords tips that you can utilize. In no time, you will obtain increased sales and positive results.

The moment your startup company is already earning, the next agenda should be to increase your daily budget in using Google AdWords. Of course, there are instances when the impressions are continuously being lost because of ranking. Your budget might be fine; however, the advertisement position might be too low in terms of getting the maximum impression that is currently available in the market.

In this instance, you could try using a split test landing page and new advertisement copies so as to increase your quality score. In addition, you may try increasing your keywords bid. Take note of these tips so you can easily acquire success in all your online endeavors. You may wish to seek advice from an Adwords consultant like claire jarrett if you need more help. for  A lot of clients are simply waiting for the right products to come their way, and if they find out that you’re offering the best products, there’s a great chance that they’ll patronize your goods.

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Efficiently Mastering the 2014 Mobile SEO

managing mobile seo

Indeed, the mobile trend is becoming bigger and bigger. It is among the most typical predictions regarding the simultaneously changing communication and business world. From the strategic moves that were developed by large brands to the rise of the incredible smartphones, mobile is able to snag its fair share of latest new headlines.

However, despite of the trendiness, “mobile’s” substance is lost. People may know about the importance of mobile-optimized content and mobile strategy; however, they may not know about what differs between an excellent mobile content and bad mobile content- to make it simpler, some people are not familiar with how to employ appropriate mobile SEO.

As explained by Search Engine Optimization experts, mobile SEO is different from the desktop SEO, and it has to be this way in order to snag success. The good news is, only few websites have strong mobile content. Therefore, this implies that if entrepreneurs do mobile SEO correctly, it will be so much easier for them to capture the attention of their target mobile user audience.

Master how to do efficient mobile SEO through the following simple but concise steps.

Website Owners should Pay Attention on Dependable and Accurate Pages

Unsurprisingly, Google controls the mobile page ranking, and as a matter of fact, “the web giant” has already given its couple of ground rules when it comes to the judging of correct mobile SEO. Majority of Google’s particulars pay attention on accuracy and dependability. Because of the fact that mobile is quite new in the circulation, there are a lot of common errors that Google has been trying to root out.

Therefore, when optimizing a content, which will be featured in mobiles, website owners should pay attention to the basics, which are:

  • When they are embedding images and videos, they have to make sure that these elements will play properly on mobile devices. It’s important to ensure that your mobile site is loading at the right speed so as not to frustrate the mobile surfers.
  • They also have to ensure that their redirects will go to the correct mobile page (ideally, the right page and not just the home screen, which many users are annoyed with)
  • Website owners that are on mobile should avoid having any kind of problems like unavailable content or mobile 404.
  • They also have to ensure that there will be no interstitial, click-to-leave advertisements that will appear on the mobile websites, even though they emerged on desktops.



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Online Marketing Trends to Look Forward to For 2014

In a world where business thrives on close competition, accomplishing a successful online marketing trade hugely depends on how you respond to consumer and cultural trends. And while the business world is continuously growing, internet marketing is also constantly increasing. Online marketing requires you to always be in constant pace with social media trends and web design so you won’t end up having a website dropping down in the search engine ranks.

Today, a lot of companies are facing the dilemma on how they can promote, introduce and manage their products online. But with the right knowledge on basic market research and with a clear understanding of future trends, you can easily build your own online crowd and hopefully increase your sales, sans the paying of media gatekeepers. Below are some of the hottest online marketing trends that will still continue to dominate in the coming days.

Content Marketing. This is one of the major online marketing trends that will help you keep up with the world of online business. A valuable content tactically channeled has been proven to help different companies in establishing authority, and eventually gain the trust of potential consumers. Valuable content marketing includes significant industry information that can provide both entertainment and insights to the audience. A completely strategized web content created in top quality can make a huge difference between successfully penetrating on Google’s page one review and diminishing from your client’s view. Nonetheless, the main foundation towards having an impressive digital marketing is providing the best content marketing. After all, this is the primary purpose on why people view, read, and share your business.

Growing Social Media Marketing. Millions of people worldwide log in to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. These two social media sites have earned themselves a cult status, thanks to its numerous subscribers that visit these sites on a daily basis. If you are a smart marketer, of course you will take advantage of the power of these social media platforms to help you generate more business in the coming years. However, promoting your business via these social media sits can be an extremely complex job. You have to invest a significant amount of time so you can get the most from your online marketing campaigns.

Mobile-Friendly Contents. By the time online business marketers think their web design is almost finally perfect, for some reasons, users went mobile. The fast increase of tablets and smart phones has led a lot of marketing managers to come up with mobile-friendly contents.

internet marketing trends